Microsoft Excel is extremely useful for many different types of digital scholarship projects.  This one looks at the ability of Excel to create time lines for historical projects using an Excel template developed for project time lines.  Before starting I will warn the reader that because of the way Excel stores and handles dates, these time lines only work for dates after Jan. 1, 1900.  There are some potential fixes for this that I hope to address in the future.

The timeline which was developed for this project can be found at  You can download this and see the  finished product. 

A Word file with step-by-step instructions on how to implement this project can be found at  The Microsoft site has timeline templates in other formats, but they generally work in a similar fashion to the timeline I am using.  So once you have done a time line following these steps, you should be able to handle any Excel formatted time line.

If you do timelines using this document, let me know what you think...

Have fun!