Note: I have just posted the new, improved version which allows the picture map to be easily moved!

Map Picture Overlay is a program that allows a map picture to be overlaid on a GPS.  Right now the GPS is limited to Open Layers using Open Street Maps, but that will be expanded in the future.  The map picture is any picture (or image), but makes the most sense if it is limited to a picture that is a map of the area to be overlaid.

This application consists of 3 parts: the Generator; the Applier; and the Viewer.

 An example of using the viewer is our Bermuda app.

 I will write instructions on how to use the application later.  Thanks for visiting the page.


Students who have worked on this project:

Madison Senseney (15) - Wrote the original wire frame design.

Amrit Dhakal (17) - Wrote the prototype for the file upload method.

Yulin Zhu (18) - Worked on the initial map application.